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The best movies of 2021 so far and the most anticipated ones to come

2020 has not exactly been the best of years for the film industry. Delays in the premieres of months or even, in some cases, a whole year, have left a mark on the industry that may never be fully erased: the consumption of streaming cinema has catapulted, and theaters have a future before them uncertain.

With 2021, the industry has the possibility of recovering part of the lost ground: the premieres that were suspended, new ways of planning exhibition sales … To take the pulse of the films of 2021 and see if they have achieved it, we selected what best of the premieres of the year so far, and the most attractive of all that is yet to come.

The best movies of 2021 so far

  • ‘The map of perfect instants’

Two movies of loops in time and romantic comedy ways have coincided in time. This one has a more youthful approach than ‘Palm Springs’, but that does not make it less suggestive: without the need to go into explanations or waste time, this surprising emotional adventure, deeper and more carefree than it seems, is Original from Amazon Prime Video to definitely pay attention to. Especially for the excellent performances by Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton.

  • ‘The excavation’
An emotional and luxurious drama produced by Netflix, based on the true story of Sutton Hoo’s excavation and featuring an extraordinary starring duo: Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan. This is a landowner who entrusts an excavator to unearth what could be an archaeological find of the first order, while the Second World War rages around her. A film of classic echoes that faces serious and transcendent issues, but with exquisite sensitivity and a wonderful visual invoice.

  • ‘New order’
An uncomfortable, brutal film, with a slightly dystopian tone but that portrays a reality that we have before our noses: that of an unstable society, which vibrates dangerously transforming itself into a powder keg, and that with a single step in the wrong direction can blow up . A starting point as simple as the underprivileged rebellion with weapons finds a unique balance between post-apocalyptic fiction, traditional thriller and social drama. Not for all palates, but an almost obligatory viewing.

  • ‘Swallow’
Through its unpublished section that did not reach theaters last year due to the pandemic, Movistar + is recovering very interesting films. ‘Swallow’ was seen a couple of years ago in Sitges, it attracted a lot of attention, and no wonder: it is a sinister horror fable with touches of pop satire in which a housewife (impressive Haley Bennett) wearing a seemingly perfect life begins to ingest objects as a secret protest to his frustrations. Suffocating literally and metaphorically, ‘Swallow’ is a poisoned parable of the superficiality of everyday life.